Sunday 7 July 2013

Friendly team tournament

I expected that we have just the normal schedule on weekends but apparently I was wrong.On Saturday we had a friendly team match against former Insei and Japanese students. Every camp participant played two handicap games against Japanese players.

There were much more people than usual in the morning.

The first boards had to play against former Japanese Insei.
Calculating the handicap is kind of difficult since there are so many ranking differences. European ratings are on average 1 stone lower than American ratings whereas Japanese ratings are on average 2 stones higher.
Maeda-sensei did the pairings manually.

So people had to wait until they were called.
My personal score was a loss against a young 3 Dan and a win against a bit older 2 Dan. The first game was reviewed by Ting Li and you can find it in a separate post.

With more than 50 people playing all tables were full.
The final result has been 16-11 in the first round and 15-12 in the second round in favor of the camp participants. So we were quite successful.
After the "official" games most people played additional free games. I managed to find a Japanese 2 Kyu. There have not been very many. Despite of the unusual colour I was able to win the game with white.

The professionals commented countless games again.
In the evening two of the former Insei and Kim-sensei took us to a somehow Korean place for food. It was very delicious. Actually I was asked to tell a bit more about the food here so I will write about that separately, soon.


  1. The "white" guy in the first picture with the "dressing gown" and the fan looks funny. :) Don't misunderstand me please, I just think it's audacious. I also like his sandals.

  2. That's awesome that you got to play against more younger players! The players in the previous posts seemed to be generally on the older side. Haha. And also, I would love to hear more about the food! More food pictures please! =D