Tuesday 2 July 2013

Camp League - Game 2

My second game was against a 1 Kyu orginally from Germany. I got a large lead in the beginning but lost all of it and the game afterwards. I include some short comments by Li Ting, 1p in the game.


  1. In move 97 it says "This is probably the loosing move." Why is this so?


  2. He is able to reduce my moyo way to much since I do not close the border with move 97. The stones at J9 are supposed to be dead and everything around should be my territory.

  3. So based on your last two games, I'm guessing your'e a fan of sanrensei! Have you read The Power of the Star Point: The Sanrensei Opening? If not, it would be a great book for you!

  4. I read that one twice.
    I'm still missing the book by Michael Redmond but did not got it so far.