Sunday 7 July 2013

Friendly team tournament - Game 1

Here you see my first game in the friendly team tournament on Saturday. It was against Tetsuaki Suehiro, 3 Dan. I added some comments given by Ting-sensei.
An interesting thing she said was that amateurs should think about every opponents move as a mistake first and try to punish it. I played to compliant in this game and should have tried to disturb my opponent more. In the end I lost by around 15 points.

PS: I was wondering how much of you are interested at all in seeing my own games?


  1. I think watching the games you posted never hurts, especially since they also include comments from pros :-)

    I am also very interested in what you guys do outside of the Go camp (food, sightseeing, etc). Or do you really study Go all day long? 24/7? :-)

  2. Sometimes we go to other places for playing Go :)

  3. Hi Jan,

    I think it's good to post your own games as well. They are interesting, and even for stronger players than us, they can still benefit from the Pro comments.


  4. I think your games with pro comments are fantastic! A new concept for me this time around is the idea to treat your opponent's move as a mistake and always try to punish it. Fascinating!