Saturday, 6 July 2013

Back to business

After two days of  resting...somehow, yesterday was normal camp schedule again. The day started with me being ten minutes late for my league game. I was properly punished since I lost that game.
The lunch cheered my up a bit. I had something called Donburi if I remember correctly.
The lectures began with Maeda-sensei showing the solutions of the endgame homework. I got the complete endgame sequence right but was one point off in the counting. I guess this is better than the other way around but I was still not eligible for prizes :-(

You can do this one, too! It's blacks turn. What is the final score with optimal endgame for both? (The board is 11x11)
Next was a lecture by Nakano-sensei again. This time he showed three different games where he played with white against the Chinese opening. According to him the San-san invasion (see picture) is the most recent innovation and works quite well for him. I learned a lot about that opening in general since I never play it myself.

San-san invasion as 4th move by white is a recent innovation to play against the Chinese opening.
In the afternoon there were teaching games again. This time I also played, against Nagano-sensei. I got six stones but my performance did not improve much compared to the morning game. (I'm wondering how much you are interested in seeing my games?)
After the game Nakano-sensei told me that I should have cut and attacked his groups more severe. I generally agree with that but against a 9p it's kind of scary. It really feels like he places two stones with every move.

Nakano-sensei analysing his teaching game against a Canadian Shodan (1d).
The rest of the day was freely available for open games. In the evening we have been in a very nice restaurant which served many different grilled meat sticks. I also got my first Japanese Sake there.
I finished the day with playing against just another French guy (the 3rd of the day).

PS: Since it was kind of a Nakano-sensei day I give you an extra photo of him. Actually, he is quite a good musician. I do not know how the instrument is called. Obviously its kind of a guitar but with just three strings. He even gave a small performance.


  1. #1. What were the prizes for getting the endgame sequence correct?

    #2. I would really like to see the game you played against Nakano-sensei!

    #3. San san invasion against Chinese huh? That's interesting. Definitely haven't heard that one before!

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