Saturday, 29 June 2013

Istanbul Airport

I decided to stay at the airport since my flight was already a bit delayed. At least I found almost free Wifi to write new blog posts. The good news is that I was upgraded into business class for the flight from Leipzig to Istanbul. It was a bit more comfortable and especially the food was much better than I'm used from planes. Unfortunately I forgot the first 1 hour of time difference and therefore missed the chance to drink large amounts of free spirits :-(
Now I'm sitting in an airport pub with power supply and have to buy very expensive coke.
However I would like to use the chance to present you a small tournament which is supposed to be my distraction for the rest of the evening.
It's a Super-Go tournament between France and Germany, much like the ones between Japan and China in the 1980s. There are teams of 8 players filled with most the strongest players of each country. In a few minutes the first game between Toru Imamura, 4 Dan (France) and Jun Tarumi, 5 Dan (Germany) will start. Both of them are originally from Japan but are already living for many years in Europe.
I would advise everybody who is stuck at an airport like me right now to drop by and follow the game. I'm confident it will be worth seeing.
Just connect to KGS and look for ElyseeFRA vs. ElyseeGER!

Further information about the tournament can be found there: Élysée Cup

PS: Maybe I forgot to mention this, but everybody should feel free to leave a comment whether he likes or dislikes the reports!

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